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Fig. 9

From: Role of mitochondria and cardiolipins in growth inhibition of breast cancer cells by retinoic acid

Fig. 9

Effects of ATRA on mitochondrial COMPLEX I-V enzymatic activity. Biological triplicates of the retinoid-sensitive SK-BR-3 and retinoid-resistant HCC-1419 cells were treated with vehicle (DMSO) or ATRA (10− 6 M) for 48 h. At the end of the treatment mitochondria were isolated and subjected to the measurement of Complexes I-V and citrate synthetase (Citrate Synth.) enzymatic activities. The same amounts of mitochondrial proteins were used for the determination of the various enzymatic activities, as indicated by the same amount of citrate synthase measured in each experimental group. The enzymatic activity values are expressed as nmol/min per mg protein of substrate metabolized. All the values of COMPLEX I-V are normalized for the content of citrate synthetase activity (Mean + SD, N = 3). *Significantly different (p < 0.05, Student’s t-test); **Significantly different (p < 0.01, Student’s t-test)

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