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Table 2 Ongoing clinical trials for TNBC: Different class of agents are being tested (eg. Anti-PD1- Pembrolizumab) on different subjects (eg. metastatic TNBC) and given in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents as the promising immunotherapy for TNBC treatment. These trials are approved with identifier and are in different phase of their evaluation with their probable compeltion date

From: Recent advances in nanotheranostics for triple negative breast cancer treatment

Class of agents Agent Phase Participants Combinatorial agent Completion Identifier
AR antagonist Enzalutamide 2 Stage I-III AR positive TNBC - April 2019 NCT02750358
Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab 1/2 Recurrent TNBC, mTNBC PLX3397 (TkI of KIR, CSFIR) May 2019 NCT02452424
Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab 2 mTNBC Carboplatin + gemcitabine June 2019 NCT02755272
Hsp90 inhibitors Onalespib 1 Metastatic solid tumor, Recurrent TNBC Olaparib October 2019 NCT02898207
AR antagonist Enzalutamide 1/2 AR positive mTNBC Taselisib (PI3K inhibitor) December 2019 NCT02457910
Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab 3 Recurrent TNBC and mTNBC Nab-paclitaxel /Paclitaxel/gemcitabine/
December 2019 NCT02819518
PARPi Olaparib 3 TNBC, Germline BRCA1/2 mutation - March 2020 NCT02032823
PARPi Olaparib 1b Recurrent TnBc AZD2014 (mTORC1/2 inhibitor) November 2020 NCT02208375
AR antagonist Enzalutamide 2 AR positive mTNBC Paclitaxel December 2020 NCT02689427
Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab 2 Advanced TNBC or mTNBC - January 2021 NCT02644369
Anti-PD-L1 MPDL3280A 2 TNBC Nab-paclitaxel February 2021 NCT02530489
Anti-PD1 Pembrolizumab 1/2 mTNBC Paclitaxel May 2021 NCT02734290