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Fig. 2

From: Attenuation of hedgehog/GLI signaling by NT1721 extends survival in pancreatic cancer

Fig. 2

NT1721-mediated downregulation of GLI and GLI target genes. a PDAC cells were treated with NT1721 and protein expression levels were assessed by Western blot after 36 h. b-e The qPCR data were analyzed using GAPDH as reference gene. The data represent the mean ± SD from 4 independent experiments. b GLI1 and GLI2 mRNA levels were determined in Panc1 and Capan1 cells after treatment with NT1721 for 24 h. c Comparison of GLI1, GLI2 and BMI1 mRNA levels in PDAC and non-tumorigenic HPDEC cells. d NT1721-mediated time-dependent downregulation of GLI mRNA in Panc1 and Capan1 cells. The asterisks indicate statistically significant differences compared to the respective controls: 1* p = 0.0055; 2* p = 0.0032; 3* p = 0.0045; 4* p < 0.0001; 5* p = 0.0083; 6* p = 0.0004. e mRNA downregulation of GLI target genes (PTCH1, BCL2, CCNE1, ABCG2) in Panc1 and Capan1 cells after 24 h treatment with NT1721. f Western blots of GLI target genes (PTCH1, BCL2, CCNE1, ABCG2)

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