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Fig. 6

From: NOS1 inhibits the interferon response of cancer cells by S-nitrosylation of HDAC2

Fig. 6

NOS1 inhibits tumor lymphocyte infiltration by S-nitrosylation of HDAC2-C262/274. a, b B16-HDAC2-WT, B16-HDAC2-MUT cells were intravenously inoculated into BALB/c-nu mice (3 × 106/mouse). The mice were sacrificed on the 11th day after inoculation. Tumor growth was monitored by a gross morphology and b lung weight (n = 4). c-e Analysis of lymphocyte cell subsets and activation status by flow cytometry. B16-HDAC2-WT or B16-HDAC2-MUT cells were intravenously injected into each C57BL/6 mouse (3 × 106/mouse). The mice were sacrificed on the 11th day, and the lungs were isolated. The infiltration of various immune cell populations into the tumors was evaluated. Tumor cells from lung were stained for c CD45, CD3, CD8, F4/80, CD11b and d CD25 followed by flow cytometry analysis. Representative flow cytometry plots are shown, and e quantification is of data from 3 animals in each group. ns, not significant; * P < 0.05

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