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Fig. 6

From: STRA6 exerts oncogenic role in gastric tumorigenesis by acting as a crucial target of miR-873

Fig. 6

STRA6 is a direct target of miR-873. a Putative binding sites in 3′-UTR of STRA6 for the related miRNA binding. b The mRNA expression of STRA6 after transfecting with miR-873-mimics, miR-874-mimics and miR-149-mimics in MGC803. c The protein level of STRA6 were determined by western blot after transfection. d Wild type (WT) and Mutant type (MUT) STRA6 3′UTR sequences were cloned into pGL3 luciferase reporter vector.  e and f miR-873 inhibited the relative luciferase activity in GC cells co-transfecting with miR-873-mimics and pGL3-STRA6-WT. (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001. The data expressed as the mean ± SD)

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