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Fig. 1

From: Notch1 signaling in NOTCH1-mutated mantle cell lymphoma depends on Delta-Like ligand 4 and is a potential target for specific antibody therapy

Fig. 1

Activation of Notch1 signaling can effectively be achieved by stimulation with DLL4 in NOTCH1-mutated MCL cells. a Mino, REC-1 and JeKo-1 cells were stimulated with the different soluble ligands JAG1, JAG2, DLL1 and DLL4 (10 μg/mL). Protein expression levels of cleaved Notch1 were determined by Western Blot analysis after 48 h (n = 3, one representative experiment is shown). b Mino cells were cocultured with mesenchymal stem cells expressing DLL4 (OP9-DLL4) or GFP-transfected control cells for 48 h and protein expression of cleaved Notch1 was analyzed by Western Blot. [(n=3, one representative experiment is shown). c Double staining of MCL lymph node (LN) with anti-CD68 (marker of histiocytes, green) and anti-DLL4 (red). Nuclei were stained with Topro-3 (blue). Images were acquired using a LSM510 laser scan confocal microscope coupled to an Axiovert 200 microscope, using 63x Plan-Neofluar magnification. Images from a representative case per group are shown

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