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Fig. 3

From: Notch1 signaling in NOTCH1-mutated mantle cell lymphoma depends on Delta-Like ligand 4 and is a potential target for specific antibody therapy

Fig. 3

OMP-52M51 significantly impedes DLL4-induced upregulation of numerous genes involved in lymphoid biology, lymphomagenesis and disease progression mimicking the signature of NOTCH mutated MCL lymph nodes. Heatmaps displaying the significantly upregulated genes and grouped by pathway signaling obtained after GSEA analysis (Custom MCL set of genes) of (a) Mino cells treated with OMP-52M51 after DLL4-stimulation and (b) MCL lymph nodes with or without mutation in NOTCH genes. c Volcano plot filtering of 55 genes differentially expressed in NOTCH-mutated MCL lymph nodes. d Enrichment of biological processes found by PANTHER gene ontology analysis of the volcano-filtered genes differentially expressed in NOTCH-mutated MCL lymph nodes

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