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Fig. 5

From: Notch1 signaling in NOTCH1-mutated mantle cell lymphoma depends on Delta-Like ligand 4 and is a potential target for specific antibody therapy

Fig. 5

OMP-52M51 effectively inhibits DLL4 induced activation of Notch1 in an in vivo model. a Mino cells were stimulated ex vivo by coculturing them with DLL4 expressing stromal cells. After stimulation for 24 h, cells were injected into the intraperitoneal cavity of NSG mice. Mice were treated IP 1 day prior to injection of cells and then every 4 days with 20 mg/kg of OMP-52M51. After 10 days, mice were sacrificed and cells were recollected from the intraperitoneal cavity. b Expression of cleaved Notch1 was analyzed by Western Blot

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