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Fig. 6

From: SP600125 enhances C-2-induced cell death by the switch from autophagy to apoptosis in bladder cancer cells

Fig. 6

SP600125 potentiated the anti-tumor effect of C-2 in the xenograft nude mice model of EJ cells. Statistical analyses demonstrated that the average volume (a) and weight (c) of EJ xenografts tumor received C-2, SP600125 alone and in combination were significantly reduced. **P < 0.02, *** P < 0.01 vs Control group. b The body weight-time bar charts. Western blot assays (d) and immunohistochemical (e) were performed in xenograft tumors to demonstrate the expression changes of proteins induced by 10 mg/kg C-2 and C-2/SP600125 treatment (magnification 400X, scale bar 100 μm)

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