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Fig. 2

From: The HOTAIR/miR-214/ST6GAL1 crosstalk modulates colorectal cancer procession through mediating sialylated c-Met via JAK2/STAT3 cascade

Fig. 2

ST6GAL1 mediates the malignancy of CRC cell lines. a, c The ST6GAL1 expression was detected by qRT-PCR and western blot in the transfected CRC cells. b, d The FITC-SNA intensity was analyzed by flow cytometry. e, g The viability of transfected CRC cell lines was examined by CCK8 assay at 0, 24, 48, 72, and 96 h. f, h Colony formation assay was conducted to measure the proliferation of transfected CRC cell lines. i, l The migration and invasion of transfected CRC cells were determined by transwell assays. j, m CCK8 assays were conducted to detect the resistance to 5-FU. The transfected HCT-8/5-FU was treated with different concentration of 5-FU, and the absorbance was measured at 450 nm. k, n The apoptotic rate was determined by staining Annexin V and PI in the transfected HCT-8/5-FU cells. o, p The tumorigenesis of transfected CRC cells was shown. IHC staining showed differential ST6GAL1 and Ki67 expression, and differential ST6GAL1 level was also shown by western blot analysis. Data were the means ± SD of triplicate determinants (*P < 0.05)

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