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Fig. 3

From: LncRNA LINC00662 promotes colon cancer tumor growth and metastasis by competitively binding with miR-340-5p to regulate CLDN8/IL22 co-expression and activating ERK signaling pathway

Fig. 3

LINC00662 dramatically influenced the expressions of proliferation and apoptosis-related proteins and invasion and migration-related proteins In LINC00662 overexpression plasmids transfected HCT29 and LS174T cells and LINC00662 knockdown plasmids transfected LOVO and CT26 cells, (a) Western blot was used to detect cleaved-caspase-3, Bax, Bcl-2, XIAP, VEGF and MMP-2 protein levels, (b) Statistical graph of cleaved caspase-3 protein level, (c) Statistical graph of Bax protein level, (d) Statistical graph of Bcl-2 protein level, (e) Statistical graph of XIAP protein level, (f) Statistical graph of VEGF protein level and (g) Statistical graph of MMP-2 protein level. GAPDH was used as a load control. Data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation. *P < 0.01 vs. pcDNA3.1-vector group/NC-siRNA group

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