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Table 1 Relationship between LINC00662 expression and clinical parameters

From: LncRNA LINC00662 promotes colon cancer tumor growth and metastasis by competitively binding with miR-340-5p to regulate CLDN8/IL22 co-expression and activating ERK signaling pathway

SubgroupNumberLINC00662 expressionχ2P-value
  Low (n = 35)High (n = 37)  
Age   0.0010.974
  < 60412021  
  > =60311516  
Gender   0.2590.611
Location   0.8590.354
Histology   0.8450.358
 mucinous adenocarcinoma311714  
Stage   37.6050.000
 I + II33294  
 III + IV39633  
T stage   8.3540.004
N stage   16.0680.000
 N1 + N236927  
M stage   22.3630.000