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Table 1 Summary of somatic alterations (SNVs) detected in tDNA and ctDNA

From: Cross-sectional analysis of circulating tumor DNA in primary colorectal cancer at surgery and during post-surgery follow-up by liquid biopsy

SNVs(a) shared between tissue and blood(b) blood only(a) + (b)
type (a) SNVspatients with type (a) circulating SNVstype (b) SNVspatients with types (a) and (b) circulating SNVs
NGS (TST)12/44 (27.2%)9/34 (26.5%)1215/34 (44.1%)
dPCR17/34 (50.0%)14/34 (41.2%)115/34 (44.1%)
NGS + dPCR17/34 (50.0%)14/34 (41.2%)1220/34 (58.8%)