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Table 3 Clinical trials with CDK4/6 inhibitors in combination with IR

From: CDK4/6 inhibitors: a novel strategy for tumor radiosensitization

Cancer Type Phase Arm n Status NCT
HGG a, DIPGb, bithalamic HGG I/II Ribociclib + IR 24 Active, not recruiting NCT02607124
Glioma (HGG, DIPG et al.) I Ribociclib + Everolimus + IR 24 Recruiting NCT03355794
Locally advanced HNSCC I/II Palbociclib + Cetuximab + IMRT c 33 Recruiting NCT03024489
HPV-unrelated HNSCC II Palbociclib + Cetuximab or Cisplatin + IMRT 29 Recruiting NCT03389477
Bone metastatic breast cancer
II Palbociclib + Hormone therapy + IR 42 Recruiting NCT03691493
Metastatic breast cancer (HR+/HER2-) II Palbociclib + Letrozole ± SBRT d 204 Not yet recruiting NCT04220476
  1. a HGG, high-grade glioma
  2. b DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma
  3. c IMRT, intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  4. d SBRT, stereotactic body radiation therapy