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Table 1 The primary antibodies used in the study

From: Simvastatin re-sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to sorafenib by inhibiting HIF-1α/PPAR-γ/PKM2-mediated glycolysis

AntibodySpeciesTargeted speciesDilution ratioSupplierCatalogue number
β-actinMH, M, R1:1000CST3700
PCNARbtH, M, R1:2000PT10,205–2-AP
BaxMH, M, R1:1000PT60,267–1-Ig
Caspase 3RbtH, M, R1:1000PT19,677–1-AP
HK2RbtH, M, R1:1000PT22,029–1-AP
PFKL (PFK1)RbtH, M1:1000CST8175
PKM2MH, M, R1:1000PT60,268–1-Ig
PPAR-γRbtH, M, R1:1000ABclonal60,318–1-Ig
Cleaved PARPRbtH1:1000CST5625S
Cleaved PARPMM1:1000CST9548S
Ki-67RbtM, R1:1000ServicebioGB111141
LaminA/CRbtH, M, R1:1000PT10,298–1-AP
β-TubulinRbtH, M, R1:1000PT10,094–1-AP
  1. Abbreviations for the table: H human; M mouse; Rbt rabbit; R rat; CST Cell Signaling Technology (Danvers, MA, USA). PT Proteintech (Chicago, IL, USA). ABclonal Biotechnology (Wuhan, China). MS Mitoscience (St. Louis Park, MN, USA)