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Table 2 Histomorphology and immunophenotypic profile of DDLPS PDX models

From: Selinexor versus doxorubicin in dedifferentiated liposarcoma PDXs: evidence of greater activity and apoptotic response dependent on p53 nuclear accumulation and survivin down‐regulation

  LS-BZ-1 LS-GD-1 LS-BP-1
Human tumor DDLPS, G3, myogenic dedifferentiation DDLPS, G3, rhabdmyoblastic dedifferentiation DDLPS, G3, myogenic dedifferentiation
H&E Spindle cells and epitheliod cells Spindle cells organized in fascicles, and rhabdoid cells Spindle cells with small nuclei
CK1 Negative Negative Negative
CK3 Negative Negative Negative
EMA Negative Negative Negative
Myogenin Negative Positive, diffuse Negative
Actin 1A4 Negative Positive, focal Negative
Desmin Negative Positive, diffuse Negative
H3K27me3 Positive Positive Positive
MDM2 Positive Positive Positive