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Table 3 Clinical trialsusing Semaphorins as biomarkersfor cancer

From: SEMAPHORINS and their receptors: focus on the crosstalk between melanoma and hypoxia Identifier Recruitment status Endpoints Cancer histotype
NCT03663153 Not yet recruiting Semaphorin 4C as a relapse biomarker Breast cancer
NCT03662633 Not yet recruiting Semaphorin 4C as diagnostic value Breast cancer
NCT02747355 Unknown Semaphorin 3A and Neuropilin1 as proliferation biomarkers Adreno-cortical tumors
NCT01063387 Phase 1 Unknown Semaphorin 4C as biomarker of response to therapy Locally advanced uterine cervical cancer exposed to extended-field irradiation
NCT03517176 Phase 1 Completed Neuropilin1 as biomarker of response to therapy Metastatic pancreatic cancer treated with CEND1/Paclitaxel/Gemcitabine
NCT01471470 Phase 2 Completed Neuropilin1 as angiogenic biomarker Unresectable advanced gastric cancer treated with Docetaxel, Capecitabine, Cisplatin, and Bevacizumab
NCT02129257 Phase 2 Completed Semaphorins, Neuropilin1 and 2 as biomarker of response to therapy Advanced colorectal cancer treated with combination chemotherapy with Aflibercept
NCT01478594 Phase 2 Completed Neuropilin as biomarker of response to therapy Metastatic colorectal cancer treated with mFOLFOX6/Tivozanib/ Bevacizumab
NCT04252456 Not Applicable Recruiting Neuropilin as angiogenic biomarker Metastatic colorectal cancer treated with Folfiri/Aflibercept
NCT02854618 Not Applicable Recruiting Neuropilin2 asbiomarker of immune response Metastatic breast cancer treated with Everolimus
NCT01989780 Phase 2 Unknown Neuropilin as angiogenic biomarker Breast cancer treated with Bevacizumab/Paclitaxel/ Endocrine therapy