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Table 1 IMDC prognostic score risk groups

From: Determinants of resistance to VEGF-TKI and immune checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Number of risk factors Risk Group Median overall survival (months) (95% CI)
0 Favorable/Good 43.2 (31.4–50.1)
1 to 2 Intermediate 22.5 (18.7–25.1)
3 to 6 Unfavorable/Poor 7.8 (6.5–9.7)
  1. The above table describes the criteria for the risk groups depending on the number of risk factors and the median OS of the patients. The six risk factors taken into consideration include low Karnofsky performance status (< 80%), low serum hemoglobin, high serum calcium level (> 10.2 mg/dL), increased neutrophil and platelet count (7 × 109/L and 400,000 respectively) and time from diagnosis to the treatment < 1 year