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Table 5 Ongoing, active clinical trials in metastatic RCC involving small molecules in combination with other drugs

From: Determinants of resistance to VEGF-TKI and immune checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Target NCT number Drug Combination drug/s or comparator drug* Phase Mechanism Primary outcome Status
HDAC Inhibitor NCT02619253 Vorinostat Pembrolizumab I Decreased proliferation, Apoptosis MTD Active not recruiting
NCT03592472 Abexinostat Pazopanib III PFS
NCT03024437 Entinostat Bevacizumab, Atezolizumab I/II Safety Recruiting
NCT03552380 Entinostat Nivolumab, Ipilimumab II Safety Recruiting
NCT03501381 Entinostat IL-2 high dose* II PFS Recruiting
NCT02718066 HBI-8000 (Chidamide) Nivolumab I/II Safety Recruiting
NCT01038778 Entinostat Aldeslukin I/II Safety, dose Active not recruiting
NCT02890069 Panobinostat PDR001,LCL16,everolimus I/II Safety Recruiting
Glutaminase Inhibitor NCT03163667 CB-839 (Telaglenastat) Everolimus II Decreased cell proliferation and survival PFS Active not recruiting
NCT03428217 Cabozantinib II PFS Active not recruiting
NCT02771626 Nivolumab I/II Safety, tolerability
Active not recruiting
NCT03875313 Talazoparib I/II Safety, dose Recruiting
HIF 2a Inhibitor NCT03634540 PT2977 Cabozantinib II Impairs hypoxia, blocks transcription of several angiogenesis genes ORR Recruiting
NCT03401788 PT2977 None II ORR Active not recruiting
NCT02974738 PT2977 None I Dose Recruiting
NCT02293980 PT2385 None I Dose Active not recruiting
CD73 Inhibitor NCT03549000 NZV930 PDR001, NIR178 I Decreases tumour growth, promotes CTL-mediated immune response Safety, dose Recruiting
NCT03454451 CPI-006 Pembrolizumab/CP-444 I Safety, dose Recruiting
Arginase Inhibitor NCT02903914 CB-1158 None I/II Blocks Arg-1 and decreases immunosuppression Safety Recruiting
Her2 Inhibitor NCT03602079 A166 None I/II Tumour cell apoptosis Safety, ORR Recruiting
CD40 Agonist NCT03329950 CDX-1140 CDX-301,Pembrolizumab I Leads to activation of B cells, T cells, DC, macrophages Safety, dose Recruiting
NCT03502330 APX005M Cabiralizumab, Nivolumab I Safety, tolerability Recruiting
CD137 agonist NCT03809624 INBRX-105 None I T cell co-stimulation, Safety, dose Recruiting
NCT02315066 PF-05082566 PF-04518600(OX-40 agonist) I Safety, dose Active not recruiting
STING agonist NCT03010176 MK-1454 Pembrolizumab I Production of IFNb, enhanced cross-presentation by APCs Safety, dose Recruiting
RIG-1 agonist NCT03739138 MK-46212 Pembrolizumab I Stimulation of IFNs, enhanced anti-tumour response Safety, dose Active not recruiting
  1. MTD Maximum tolerated dose, PFS Progression-free survival, ORR Overall response rate