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Table 2 Clinical therapeutic trials for engineered T cells against PLC

From: Cellular based immunotherapy for primary liver cancer

T cell engineering category Trial Phase Enrolled patients backgrounds Trial information Reference
I II III Number. Location intervention Antigen comments Identifier
TCR-T    7/ NCT04677088
10/ NCT02686372
10/ NCT02719782
China HBV antigen specific TCR T cells HBsAg Safety; pulmonary metastases of HCC decreased; valuable prophylaxis against HCC relapse provided NCT04677088
[68, 69]
CAR-T    30 China GPC3-CAR-T cells GPC3 HCC cells were eradicared and tumor growth was efficiently suppressed in PDX model NCT03198546 [70]
     20 China HCC:
CD133-CAR-T cells
Cocktail treatment comprised with VEGF-CAR-T, PD-1 monoclonal antibody and CD133-CAR-T
Clinical outcomes of dvanced HCC patients improved with manageable safety profile by CD133-CAR-T; Advanced iCCA patient acquired 8.5-month and 4.5-month partial response from VEGF-CAR-T and CD133-CAR-T, respectively. NCT02541370 [71, 72]
  1. Abbreviations for the table: TCR-T T cell receptor engineered T cells, CAR-T Chimeric antibody receptor engineered T Cells, GPC3 Glypican-3, CD133 Cluster of differentiation 133, VEGF Vascular endothelial growth factor, PD-1 Programmed cell death-1, HCC Hepatocellular carcinoma, iCCA Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma