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Table 13 Selected phase I-II clinical trials conducted with LC-161 as a single (−single-) or combined therapeutic in pre-treated or refractory (Refrac) patients with Paclitaxel (PAC), against Advanced Solid Tumor (AST) diseases (Dis.) and Outcomes for Maximum Tolerated Doses (MTD) are highlighted. Adverse effects (Adv. Effects) are highlighted as Neut (Neutropenia), Gastrointestinal symptoms (GI), Diarrhoea (Diar), Nausea (Nau), Vomiting (Vom) and Anemia (Anem). Objective Response Rates (ORR), Partial Responses (PR), Progressive Disease (PD) and disease stabilization effects (Stabil.) are highlighted as percentage (%) positive-responders. The clinical trials reference numbers highlighted in bold (left column) and their corresponding references highlighted in the columns on the right (URL/Ref). Biomarker assessments (Bio.M) are highlighted and unavailable data is highlighted by ‘-‘

From: BH3-mimetics: recent developments in cancer therapy

LCL-161 Phase Patient Refrac Combined Dis. Outcomes Adv. Effects ORR Stabil. Bio.M URL/Ref
NCT01240655 Ib Pre-treated Yes PAC AST MTD Neut/GI 27.6% PR; 25% PD 36.8%
NCT01968915 I/II -single−/
AST Neut/Diar DISC.
NCT01098838 I/II Pre-treated -single- AST MTD Naus/Vom/
0% ORR 19% cIAP [418]