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Table 7 The combined synergizing effects of Smac-mimetic (or IAP inhibitor) agents against selected cancers and cell types

From: BH3-mimetics: recent developments in cancer therapy

Agents Cancer Cell Type Combined Ref
APG-1387 Liver HepG2 and HCCLM3 TNF-α, TRAIL [253]
APG-1387 Ovarian SKOV3 TNF-α [254]
AT-406 Osteosarcoma AT-406, Xenograft doxorubicin [255]
AZ58 Bladder UMUC-6, UMUC-12, and UMUC-18 gemcitabine, cisplatin [256]
Birinapant AML MLL-ENL AML emricasan [257]
Birinapant Breast SUM190, SUM149 TRAIL [69]
Birinapant Head and Neck UM-SCC-46 and -11B xenograft radiation [258]
Birinapant Non-small cell Lung LKB1- and KRAS-mutated ralimetinib [259]
Birinapant Ovarian CAOV3, OVCAR4, SKOV3, OVCAR8, OV90, 1A9 docetaxel [260]
Birinapant Ovarian OCAR3, OVCAR8 carboplatin/ paclitaxel [261]
BV6 AML 51% primary AML cells cytarabine [262]
BV6 Glioblastoma temozolomide [263]
BV6 CRC SW480, HT-29, HCT-15 radiation [264]
BV6 Glioblastoma A172, T98G temozolomide [265]
BV6 Multiple HT1080, HeLa, Jurkat, L363, MMI, OPM2, RPMI, HT29 TNF-α, TRAIL [266]
BV6 Renal CaKi1, KTCTL26, 786O, KTCTL30, KTCTL2 interferon-α [267]
JP-1201 CRC HT-29 radiation [268]
JP-1201 Pancreas Xenograft MIA PaCa-2 gemcitabine [269]
LCL161 B-Cell Lymphoma Xenograft Raji/4RH rituximab, gemcitabine, vinorelbine [270]
LCL161 Breast MCF7-TamC3 tamoxifen [271]
LCL 161 HNSCC human cell culture, xenograft radiation [272]
LCL161 HNSCC PCI-1, PCI-9, PCI-13, PCI-52, PCI-68 FAS-L [273]
SM-164 Breast (SK-BR3) and (MDA-MB-468 radiation [274]
SM-164 Breast, Prostate, Colon Cell lines TRAIL [275]
SM-164 Pancreatic Panc-1, AsPC-1, BxPC-3 gemcitabine [276]
compound A Bladder UC-9. UC-14, RT4 v1, RT4 v6 TRAIL [277]
compound 3 Pancreas/CRC Panc-1 and HCT116 doxorubicin [278]
Debio 1143 Lung LLC-OVA radiotherapy [279]
SH122 Prostate DU145, CL1 TRAIL [280]
SW IV-134 Pancreatic PANC-1, CFPAC-1, BxPC-3, AsPC-1, MIA PaCa-2 gemcitabine [281]
  1. The therapeutics types (Agents) are highlighted in bold (left column) and the corresponding studies are referenced in the column on the right (Ref). Abbreviations: AML Acute Myelogenous Lymphoma, CRC Colorectal cancer, HNSCC Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma