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Table 1 Effectiveness of DDR mutations in predicting ICI efficacy in solid tumors

From: The role of DNA damage repair (DDR) system in response to immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy

Clinical endpoint DDR mutation ICI Cancer type Wild type Mutation type Refs
ORR BRCA1/2 Pembrolizumab Melanoma 5.0% 12.0% [58]
PRKDC Anti-CTLA-4 antibody+anti-PD-1 antibody NSCLC 32.3% 66.7% [68]
PRKDC Anti-CTLA-4 antibody Metastatic melanoma 14.6% 33.3% [68]
DDR mutation Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies Urothelial cancer 18.8% 67.9% [45]
PFS PRKDC Anti-CTLA-4 antibody+anti-PD-1 antibody NSCLC 6.8 m NR [68]
OS POLE/POLD1 ICI Solid tumors 18.0 m 34.0 m [66]
TP53 + ATM ICI NSCLC 2.8 m–22.0 m 22.1 m-NR [67]
  1. Abbreviations: ORR Objective response rate, PFS Progression-free survival, OS Overall survival, NR Not reached