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Table 1 Primary and secondary antibodies used in this study

From: APE1 redox function is required for activation of Yes-associated protein 1 under reflux conditions in Barrett’s-associated esophageal adenocarcinomas

Antibody Source Catalog# Species Dilution Applicationa
YAP Cell signaling 14074 Rabbit 1:1000
YAP Santa Cruz sc-101199 Mouse 1:100 IF
APE1 Invitrogen MA1-440 Mouse 1:7000 WB
APE1 Invitrogen PA5-29157 Rabbit 1:200 IF
β-actin Sigma Aldrich A5441 Mouse 1:10,000 WB
P84 Genetex GTX70220 Mouse 1:1000 WB
β-tubulin Cell signaling 2128 Rabbit 1:1000 WB
β-TrCP Invitrogen 37–3400 Mouse 1:100 PLA
β-TrCP Cell signaling 4394 Rabbit 1:1000 WB
Flag antibody Sigma Aldrich F1804 Mouse 2 µg IP
Ubiquitin Cell signaling 43124 Rabbit 1:1000 WB
Anti-rabbit IgG HRP-linked Antibody Cell signaling 7074 Goat 1:5000 WB
Anti-mouse IgG HRP-linked Antibody Cell signaling 7076 Goat 1:5000 WB
Alexa Fluor 488 goat anti-mouse IgG Invitrogen A-11029 Goat 1:200 IF
Alexa Fluor 568 goat anti-rabbit IgG Invitrogen A-11011 Goat 1:200 IF
Mouse Anti-Rabbit IgG (Light-Chain Specific) HRP Conjugate Cell signaling 93702 Mouse 1:1000 WB
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (Light-Chain Specific) HRP Conjugate Cell signaling 91196 Goat 1:1000 WB
  1. aIF Immunofluorescence, WB Western blot, IP Immunoprecipitation, IHC Immunohistochemistry, PLA Proximity ligation assay