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Table 2 The role of different type of extracellular matrix proteins in cancer

From: The extracellular matrix alteration, implication in modulation of drug resistance mechanism: friends or foes?

Component Detailed Role in cancer Reference
Collagen Type I Inhibits differentiation and promotes EMT [30, 31]
Type III Associated with drug resistance [32]
Type IV Promotes cancer cell growth [33]
Proteoglycans Glypican Promotes CSC self-renewal [34]
Syndecan Associated with drug resistance [35]
Versican Promotes cancer cell self-renewal [36]
Non-proteoglycan polysaccharides Hyaluronan Affects the acquisition of CSC properties [37]
Glycoproteins Laminin Promotes CSC self-renewal [38]
Fibronectin Promotes EMT [39]
Fibrillin Promotes cancer cell growth [40]
Fibulin Associated with drug resistance [41]
Fibrinogen Promotes cancer cell growth [42]
Vitronectin Sustains CSC self-renewal [43]
Nidogen Promotes EMT [44]
Mucin Associated with growth and metastasis [45]