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Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Featured Article: Circular RNAs: emerging cancer biomarkers and targets

Circular RNAs New Content Itemare a key area of interest in cancer research since studies have demonstrated that these RNA molecules can impact on the development and progression of cancer due to their proposed ability to regulate gene expression, not only at the transcription level, but also at translational levels.  The characteristics that circular RNAs exhibit and furthermore the ability to detect them in human blood, saliva and gastric fluid, make circular RNAs an ideal contender as a key biomarker in cancerous disease.

In this review, Y Zhang et al. discuss the emerging role that circular RNAs are playing in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancers, with particular reference to the clinical significance of this class of RNA molecules.

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Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research now welcomes the submission of Meeting reports to help showcase novel developments presented at meetings and conferences.

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Call for papers: Translational oncology

We are pleased to announce that a number of BioMed Central journals have come together to create a new cross-journal series on translational oncology.

Guest Edited by Prof Tommaso Dragani (Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Italy), the series is now accepting submissions of research articles that provide important developments in cancer research. Preclinical studies should provide a significant advance in knowledge, and have clear potential for strong clinical impact.  For more information on the series, please click here to visit the series page.

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