Featured Article: Modeling tumor cell adaptations to hypoxia in multicellular tumor spheroids

New Content ItemThe significant negative effect that hypoxia and hypoxic microenvironments can have on solid tumors has been well documented and established in the literature.  Hypoxia promotes aggressive tumor phenotypes since the cellular processes initiated in response to oxygen deprivation help contribute to metastasis and growth of a tumor.  However, the precise mechanisms and molecular signals which allow tumor cells to thrive in hypoxic microenvironments are less well recognized.  The use of multicellular tumor spheroids in research can help to give a more accurate representation of the in vivo response and profiles of tumors.

In this review, S Riffle & R.S. Hegde, discuss the latest research and compare the effects that hypoxia can have when modelled on multicellular tumor spheroids compared to solid tumors.

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