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Table 1 Equipments investigated in each division of the NCI- IRE

From: Monitoring of people and workers exposure to the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in an Italian national cancer Institute

Divisions Equipments Manufacturer
Physiotherapy division Electro-stimulators Biorem TENS
  Electro-stimulators Biorem ionophoresis (IP)
  Laser therapy Leve Laser
  Ultrasound therapy Radar Biorem
  Cyclette Technogym
  Pressotherapy Linfopress Fisioline
Press-therapy room Lymphatic Drainage Linfopress
  Lymphatic Drainage Linfopress studio
Intensive care division Workplaces – PC Philips
  Electric panel FAAE
  Monitor Philips
  Ventilator Dräger
  Pump Abbott
Surgical rooms Ventilator Dräger
  Electric scalpel Martin/Conmed
MR Magnetic Resonance Philips (0,5 T)
Other departments DECT Alcatel