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Figure 4

From: Downregulation of CD147 expression alters cytoskeleton architecture and inhibits gelatinase production and SAPK pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Figure 4

Effects of si-CD147RNA on SMMC-7721 cells adhesion to fibronectin, collagen IV and laminin. SMMC-7721 cells (5 × 104) transfected with negative control or si-CD147 were added to 96-well micro-plates coated with FN, LN, and collagen IV. The cells were allowed to adhere for 60 min at 37°C and were then stained with 0.5% crystal violet in 20% (v/v) methanol/water. The amount of bound cells was estimated by solubilizing the dye using 0.1 M sodium citrate and reading the absorbance at 490 nm. The results indicated that si-CD147 inhibited SMMC-7721 adhesion to collagen IV but had no effects on adhesion to FN and LN. *P < 0.05 v.s. control.

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