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Figure 2

From: The calcimimetic R-568 induces apoptotic cell death in prostate cancer cells

Figure 2

R-568 induces cell death in prostate cancer cells. LNCaP and PC-3 cells were plated in 24-well plates overnight, and then treated with R-568 (100 μM) for up to 48 h. At each time points as indicated, the fluorescent dyes (2.0 μM) were added into the culture media and cells were incubated for 15 min before micro-images were taken under a fluorescent microscope (panel A, magnification × 200). Quantitative data for the percentage of dead cells (red-labeled cells) in the total cells (red plus green cells) were summarized in panel B as mean ± SEM from 5 microscopic fields). The asterisk indicates a significant difference (P < 0.01, Student t-test) as compared to the value at the 0 hour time point.

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