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Table 1 Modena Model

From: Subjective versus objective risk in genetic counseling for hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancers

High risk Pedigree Classification
I) at least 3 relatives diagnosed with BC (or OC) in 2 different generations II) one BC/OC case is a first degree relative of the other 2 (of the other 1 if the first criterion is not fulfilled)° III) at lest one case has been diagnosed at the age ≤ 40 or with bilateral BC   
* * * Hereditary HBC/HBOC
* *   Suspect Hereditary SHBC/SHBOC
*   * Suspect Hereditary SHBC/SHBOC
BC diagnosed at age ≤ 35,
regardless of family history
Early onset EOBC
BC and OC in the same woman,
regardless of family history
Breast and Ovarian Cancer BOC
Intermediate Risk
*    Familial FBC/FBOC
  * * Strongly suspected Familial SFBC/SFBOC
Male BC, regardless of family history Male Breast Cancer MBC
Slightly Increased Risk
  *   Suspected Familial SFBC/SFBOC
   * Suspected Familial SFBC/SFBOC
BC/OC without any of the described criteria Sporadic Breast Cancer SpBC/SpOC
  1. BC - Breast Cancer; OC - Ovarian Cancer; H - Hereditary; F- Familial; S - Suspect; s - sporadic; M - Male