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Table 3 Characteristics of clinical trials

From: Brachytherapy for cervix cancer: low-dose rate or high-dose rate brachytherapy – a meta-analysis of clinical trials

Year Study Patients Fraction of LDR
Fraction of HDR
Pelvic RT Dose
Clinical stage
       LDR HDR
2004 Lertsanguansinchai 237 25–35/2 15–16.6/2 40–50 IB-5 IB-7
       IIA-2 IIA-1
       IIB-61 IIB-64
       IIIB-41 IIIB-40
2002 Hareyama 132 IIA-50/4 IIA-29,5/4 30–40 II-26 II-22
    IIB-40/3 IIB-23,3/3 or 4   III-39 III-45
    III-30/3 III-17,3/3 or 2    
1993 Teshima 430 I-56/2 I-28/4 16–20 I-28 I-32
    II-57/2 II-30/4   II-61 II-80
    III-58/2 III-29/3   III-82 III-147
1994 Patel 482 I-II>3 cm-75/2 I-II>3 cm-38/2 35–40 I-39 I-35
    I-II<3 cm-35/1 I-II<3 cm-18/2   II-93 II-90
    III-35/1 III-18/2   III-114 III-111
2006 Shrivastava 800 I and II-60/2 I and II-35/5 40/20 I II-200 I II-200
    III-30/1 III-21/3   III-200 III-200