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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of 24 malignant skin tumors

From: Elevated c-Src and c-Yes expression in malignant skin cancers

Case No. Sex/Age Site Tumor type
1 M-1 F/53 Foot MM(ALM)
2 M-2 F/51 Lower back MM(NM)
3 M-3 M/70 Foot MM(NM)
4 M-4 M/66 Foot MM(NM)
5 M-5 M/54 Thigh MM(ALM)
6 M-6 M/65 Thumb MM(NM)
7 M-7 M/58 Foot MM(ALM)
8 M-8 M/63 Foot MM(SSM)
9 S-1 F/86 Temple SCC
10 S-2 F/76 Cheek SCC
11 S-3 M/51 Buttock SCC
12 S-4 F/86 Face SCC
13 S-5 F/87 Cheek SCC
14 S-6 F/74 Scalp SCC
15 S-7 F/82 Temple SCC
16 S-8 F/77 Cheek SCC
17 B-1 F/67 Cheek BCC
18 B-2 M/75 Nose BCC
19 B-3 M/52 Nose BCC
20 B-4 M/64 Nose BCC
21 B-5 F/68 Nose BCC
22 B-6 F/71 Lower lid BCC
23 B-7 F/65 Nose BCC
24 B-8 M/56 Cheek BCC
  1. Abbreviations: MM, malignant melanoma; ALM, acral lentiginous melanoma; NM, nodular melanoma; SSM, superficial spreading melanoma; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; BCC, basal cell carcinoma.
  2. Levels of invasion of MM (M-1~M-7) were Clark's Level IV, M-8 was Level I.