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Figure 3

From: Rapamycin sensitizes T-ALL cells to dexamethasone-induced apoptosis

Figure 3

The effect of rapamycin and Dex on cell cycles and the cell cycle regulatory proteins. (A) T-ALL cells were incubated for 48 h with rapamycin(10 nM) and/or Dex (1 μM) and the cell cycle phases were analyzed by PI staining. For all experiments, values of triple experiments were shown as mean plus or minus SD. * p < 0.05 as compared with control group or Dex group or Rap group except for CEM-C1-15 cells. (B) Cell-cycle proteins were studied. After 48 h exposure to rapamycin and/or Dex, Molt-4 cells were lysed and extracts were analyzed by Western blotting. R, rapamycin; D, Dex; RD, rapamycin+Dex; and C, control.

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