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Table 3 EGFR staining in normal mammary glands and tumor tissues from TA2 mice(expressed as a percentage of samples with positive staining)

From: Differential expression of decorin, EGFR and cyclin D1 during mammary gland carcinogenesis in TA2 mice with spontaneous breast cancer

  n Positive expression Nuclear translocation High expression level
Group A 12 33.33(4/12) 0.00(0/12) 0.00(0/12)
Group B 28 78.57(22/28)# 53.57(15/28)# 42.86(12/28)*
Group C 28 64.29(18/28)# 39.28(11/28)# 17.86(5/28)
  1. #: compared with Group A, P < 0.05; *: compared with Group C, P < 0.05
  2. Group A: normal mammary glands from five month-old TA2 mice; Group B: normal mammary glands from spontaneous breast cancer-bearing TA2 mice; Group C: spontaneous breast cancer tissue from TA2 mice.