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Table 2 Other cyclophilins in human cancers

From: Current implications of cyclophilins in human cancers

Cancer type Isoforms Implications in cancers Contributers
Breast cancer CypB A transcription inducer Fang et al., Am J Pathol. (2009).
Breast cancer Cyp40 Having important functional implications for ER alpha and other steroid receptors in breast cancer Eliseev etal., J Biol Chem. (2009)
   Increasing in response to high temperature stress Machida etal., J Biol Chem. (2006)
Breast cancer CypC Binding to osteopontin via CD147 and increase in migration and invasion Mi Z et al., Cancer Res. (2007)
Tumors of the breast, ovary, and uterus CypD Inhibition of PT-pore Marzo et al., Cancer Res. (2007)
   Interacton with Bcl2 Eliseev etal., J Biol Chem. (2009)