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Table 1 Comparison of Cisplatin resistance in vitro models of A2780 ovarian cancer cells and MCF-7 breast-cancer cells

From: Platinum resistance in breast and ovarian cancer cell lines

  altered in Cisplatin resistant
Read-out MCF-7 CisR A2780 CisR
Cisplatin resistance factor 3.3*** 5.8***
proliferation rate [%] 192** 55.3***
invasive capacity [%] compared to parental cells 153.7* 129.5*
RTK activation in Cisplatin resistant cells EGFR/ERB-B2 IGF-1R
autocrine growth factor amphiregulin IGF-1
bystander effect no IGF-1 mediated
ERK1,2 activation elevated elevated
p38 activation no p38α
JNK activation no no
AKT kinase activation elevated elevated
  1. An overview of the long-term functional and biochemical changes after establishment of Cisplatin resistance is given. Cisplatin resistant breast cancer cells and ovarian cancer cells were compared to their non-resistant parental cells. Denoted are the changes observed in the Cisplatin resistant situation [64, 72].