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Table 1 Treatment of advanced melanoma in Italy - Unit costs

From: The cost of unresectable stage III or stage IV melanoma in Italy

Resource use item Unit Cost (€ 2009) Notes Source
Hospitalization cost per day 740 Cost for one day stay in hospital, overall average. Original data referred to 2004, inflated to 2009 via consumer price index [13]
Hospice stay cost per day 211 Daily current tariff, mean of Lombardy and Piedmont values [14]
Emergency room visit cost per visit 252 Original cost data referred to 2007, inflated to 2009 via consumer price index [15]
Outpatient (specialist visit) cost per visit 22 Specialist visit, current tariff (code: 89.7) [16]
Adverse events (AE) cost per day see Note AEs classified into categories based on ATC coding (level 2) of the drugs used for their treatment. Daily drug cost based on most frequently prescribed medications (e.g. ondansetron, filgrastim, lenograstim, pegfilgrastim, etc.) [17]
Radiotherapy cost per regimen in combination with systemic therapy 2814 DRG 409 (radiotherapy in day hospital) current tariff times average radiotherapies/patient number (7.5) [18, 19]
Transfusion cost per procedure 179 Current tariff for one unit (ml 280 +/− 20%) of red blood cells added to transfusion procedure tariff (code: 99.07.1) [16, 20]
Resection of primary tumor cost per procedure 2785 DRG 266 tariff  
Lymph node resection cost per procedure 1359 DRG 270 tariff [18]
All other visceral cost per procedure 7322 Average of DRG tariffs (192: liver and pancreas; 149: abdomen; 303: kidney) [18]
Brain metastases cost per procedure 13493 DRG 001 tariff [18]
Isolated limb perfusion cost per procedure 2411 DRG 273 tariff [18]
Biopsy cost per procedure 14 Procedure tariff (code: 86.11) [16]
Distant skin cost per procedure 2072 Average of DRG 266 and 270 tariffs [18]
Lung cost per procedure 8335 DRG 75 tariff [18]