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Table 3 Result of Transwell assay in 786-o cell treated by different inhibitors

From: Inhibition of ADAM-17 more effectively down-regulates the Notch pathway than that of γ-secretase in renal carcinoma

  Marimastat DAPT
1μmol/L 7.80±1.64 15.8±3.19
2μmol/L 3.4±0.55 10.8±1.72
3μmol/L 1.2±0.84 4.4±0.55
Control 34.2±1.50 31.8±3.19
  1. In the Transwell assay, the number of 786-o cells penetrating Matrigel decreased with the increasing concentration of Marimastat and DAPT, whereas Marimastat had more effect under the same concentration(P<0.05), which indicates that MARIMASTAT is more capable of thwarting the invasion of 786-o cells.