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Archived Comments for: Metabolism modifications and apoptosis induction after Cellfood™ administration to leukemia cell lines

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  1. Cell-food plays a central role in normalizing impaired mitochondrial respiratory chain

    Sergio Stagnaro, Private

    17 September 2013

    Briefly speaking, the central effect of Cell-food is its intense normalization of genetically impaired mitochondrial respiratory chain, always present in cancer, CVD and type 2 DM., as I have demonstarted ad described in former papers (1-5). Thanks to Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics, physicians are now able to assess at the bed-side the activity level of mitochondria in every biological system (5). As a consequence, with the aid of a common stethoscope, doctor can assess some important parameter values, e.g., of the heart-, brain-, liver-, kidney- gastric aspecific reflex (1-5). A 5- year-long clinical experience, personal also, allows me to state that Cell-food is an oustanding "histangioprotective" drug.
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