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Figure 3

From: Detection of doublecortin domain-containing 2 (DCDC2), a new candidate tumor suppressor gene of hepatocellular carcinoma, by triple combination array analysis

Figure 3

Sequence analysis of bisulfate-treated DNA in the DCDC2 promoter region. Methylation status of the 22 CpG islands in the six clones by TA cloning method between −100 and +150 from the transcription initiation site of DCDC2 exon 1 is shown. Closed circles represent methylated CpG islands; open circles indicate unmethylated CpG islands. The CpG islands in the promoter region in HuH2 cells were abundantly methylated, whereas CpG islands in SK-Hep1 cells were abundantly unmethylated. The middle figures in the sequence analysis show the results at the CpG islands between 41 and 73 corresponding to the boxes of the lower figure. The Cs indicate methylated CpG islands. The Ts were converted from C by bisulfite treatment, and indicate unmethylated CpG islands. These results verified the accuracy of MSP and UNMSP in upper figures.

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