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Table 2 Patient characteristics, treatment and side effects for dogs with osteosarcoma

From: Pharmacokinetic study and evaluation of the safety of taurolidine for dogs with osteosarcoma

Dog ID # 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Weight (kg) 56 74 64 37 28 47 30
Breed Great Pyrenees Irish wolfhound Great Pyrenees Golden retriever Shepherd mix Labrador cross Old English sheepdog
Age (yr) 6 4 6 7 11 7 5
Sex Neutered male Spayed female Spayed female Neutered male Spayed female Neutered male Spayed female
Tumor location Distal radius Distal radius Distal radius Proximal tibia Proximal humerus Distal radius Distal radius
Chemo drug Doxorubicin Doxorubicin 1 dose doxorubicin then carboplatin Carboplatin Carboplatin Carboplatin Carboplatin
Number of taurolidine treatments 4 10 4 5 3 5 2
Neutropenia None None Grade 1 onceb Grade 1 four times None Grade 1 once Grade 1 once
Grade 2 once Grade 2 once
Thrombocytopenia None Grade 1 twice None None None Grade 2 once None
Grade 2 twice
Chemistry panel Normal Low albumin, high ALP which returned to normal in 2 weeks Azotemiab Normal Normal ALT elevationc Normal
Constitutional adverse event Lethargy grade 1 to 2a Grade 1 fever once Lethargy grade 1 once Lethargy grade 1 once Grade 2 fever and lethargy grade 3 once, both associated with extravasation of carboplatin or taurolidine Lethargy grade 1 twice and grade 2 twice None
GI toxicity Anorexia grade 2a Anorexia grade 1 twice Diarrhea grade1b None None Anorexia grade 1 once and grade 2 twice Anorexia grade 1 once
Diarrhea grade 1 once Diarrhea grade 1 once
Other adverse event or complication Edema in limb which was used for IV infusion, vasculopathy at injection sites Phlebitis and limb edema Renal insufficiencyb None Hearing loss None None
Congestive heart failure
Proteinuria (urine protein/creatinine = 7.9) nephropathy
Outcome Euthanized due to progressive disease a,e Died of heart failuree Bone metastasis documented 1071 days postoperativelye Died 897 days postoperatively with pulmonary metastasisd,e Euthanized 174 days postoperatively due to pulmonary metastasise Euthanized 165 days postoperatively due to metastasis to scapulae Euthanized 116 days postoperatively due to metastasis to lungs, liver, and spine d, e
Necropsy performed Necropsy performed Still alive 1186 days postoperatively Necropsy performed Necropsy performed
  1. aThis dog had stage III osteosarcoma when the taurolidine/doxorubicin treatments were given. It was difficult to assess the number of events for the anorexia and lethargy as these adverse events were pervasive during the treatment period.
  2. bGrade 1 neutropenia, diarrhea, and azotemia occurred after the doxorubicin/taurolidine combination treatment: Blood Urea Nitrogen and creatinine were as high as 60 mg/dL (normal 7–27 mg/dL) and 3.1 mg/dL (normal 0.4-1.8 mg/dL), respectively. The renal function recovered before starting the carboplatin and taurolidine treatments.
  3. cALT (alanine transaminase) with up to 371 IU/L (normal 0–113 IU/L) after the 4th taurolidine treatment and 6th carboplatin treatment. Two weeks later it was down to 129 IU/L.
  4. dDog #10 was entered in another clinical trial 270 days postoperatively where it received dasatinib and dog #13 also received bortezomib 102 days after amputation once metastatic disease was detected on chest radiographs.
  5. eConfirmed with histology.