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Table 3 Survival analysis and prognosis analysis of endometrial carcinoma. Univariate Kaplan-Meier analysis of the prognosis of endometrial carcinoma

From: Expression and clinical significance of annexin A2 and human epididymis protein 4 in endometrial carcinoma

Variable Characteristics (Log-rank) p-value
Age at diagnosis <59y vs. ≥59y 0.020
FIGO stage I-II vs. III-IV <0.001
Differentiation grade Well-mod. vs. poor 0.027
Muscular invasion <1/2 vs. ≥1/2 0.002
ANXA2 Low vs. high 0.002
HE4 Low vs. high 0.018
Multivariate Cox regression analysis of patients with endometrial carcinoma
Variables p-value Hazard ratio (95 % CI)
FIGO stage (I-II vs III-IV) 0.002 4.593 (1.763-11.964)
ANXA2 (low vs high) 0.046 8.004 (1.036-61.844)