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Table 1 Allotransplanted patients

From: Up-regulation of activating and inhibitory NKG2 receptors in allogeneic and autologous hematopoietic stem cell grafts

Patient Age Diagnosisa Donorb Source of graftc Conditioning regimend aGvHDe stage Onset of aGvHD (days) Relapse (days) Last follow up (days) Status at last follow up Cause of death
149 32 AML U PB MAC No - 69 156 Dead Relapse/Progression
150 26 DLBCL R PB RIC I 38 no 149 Dead Infection
151 49 AML R PB MAC IV 12 124 293 Dead Fungal Infection - Rejection/Poor graft Functionf
152 33 B-ALLg U PB MAC III 88 no 137 Dead Infection
153 37 SAA R PB + BM MAC II 40 no 307 Dead Unknown
154 46 AMLh R PB MAC No - 299 365 Dead Haemorrhage - CNS Toxicity
155 42 MM R PB MAC No - 151 485 Dead Relapse/Progression
  1. aAML, acute myeloid leukemia; DLBCL, Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma; B-ALL, B-cell Acute Lymphoid Leukemia; SAA, Severe Aplastic Anemia; MM, Multiple Myeloma
  2. bMatched related (R) and matched unrelated (U) donor
  3. cPB, peripheral blood; BM, bone marrow
  4. dMAC, MyeloAblative Conditioning regimen; RIC, Reduced Intensity Conditioning
  5. eaGvHD, acute Graft versus Host Disease
  6. fremission induced by chemotherapy upon relapse (day 124)
  7. gPatient previously diagnosed (year 1991) with CML t(9;22)
  8. hSubclass III, according to the French American British classification of AML