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Table 2 Clinical and molecular characteristics of patients without mutations

From: Correlation between mutations and mRNA expression of APC and MUTYH genes: new insight into hereditary colorectal polyposis predisposition

Patients without APC and MUTYH mutations
Casea Age at diagnosis Phenotype Family History (transmission) Additional informations
GD70 43 AFAP yes (vertical)  
GD78 35 Multiple polyposis yes (vertical) >10 polyps
GD80 45 Multiple polyposis yes (horizontal)  
GD81 36 AFAP yes (vertical)  
GD83 36 FAP yes (horizontal)  
GD84 32 FAP no desmoids
GD86 17 FAP yes (vertical) 143 microadenomas and 2 polyps
GD87 22 FAP no rectal polyps, desmoids
GD92 58 AFAP n.a.  
GD94 65 AFAP yes (vertical) 5 polyps, colon cancer
GD102 n.a. Multiple polyposis n.a. cystadenocarcinoma (unknown site)
GD106 50 Multiple polyposis n.a.  
GD107 42 Multiple polyposis yes (horizontal)  
GD109 52 Multiple polyposis no 36 polyps, colon cancer
GD112#1 37 FAP yes (vertical) colon, gastric, duodenal and rectal polyps
GD112#2 14 FAP yes (vertical) colon and gastric polyps
GD117 63 Multiple polyposis yes (horizontal) 10 polyps, gastric cancer
GD118 71 AFAP yes (vertical) 10 polyps, colon cancer
GD121 41 AFAP n.a.  
GD122 59 Colon cancer yes (vertical)  
GD123 60 AFAP no colon cancer
GD140 37 AFAP no gastric polyps
GD146 44 AFAP no colon and breast cancer
GD153 47 AFAP yes (horizontal) hyperplastic polyps, colon cancer
GD154 44 FAP no 836 polyps
GD157 53 FAP no colon cancer
GD158 52 FAP yes (vertical)  
GD159 26 FAP yes (vertical) rectal cancer
GD160 52 AFAP no 10 polyps