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Fig. 2

From: Low dose of lenalidmide and PI3K/mTOR inhibitor trigger synergistic cytoxicity in activated B cell-like subtype of diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Fig. 2

NVP-Bez235 combined with lenalidomide significantly increased the apoptosis in all cell lines. a, b Cell lines were simultaneously treated with NVP-BEZ235 (20nM) and lenalidomide (2 μM) for 72 h, analyzing apoptosis by Annexin-V/PI staining with t test statistic assay. (Mean ± S.D., n = 3, *, +, # p < 0.05, **, ++, ## p < 0.01, ***, +++, ### p < 0.005 compared with control group) (c) Cell lines were subjected to indicated treatments and protein lysates were performed with immunoblotting, incubating with PARP, caspase3, caspase9, caspase8 and their cleavage formate antibodies. d Cell extractions were conducted with Western Blot to detect Bcl-2 family members including Bax, Bad, p-Bad, Bim, Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL

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