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Fig. 3

From: A restricted signature of serum miRNAs distinguishes glioblastoma from lower grade gliomas

Fig. 3

Expression levels of miR-497 and miR-125b in serum and matched tissue samples of glioma patients. Scatter plots of the normalized expression levels of miR-497 and -125b. The left ordinate axis: miRNA levels in serum; the right ordinate axis: miRNA levels in tissue samples. The horizontal line indicates the median. A Mann–Whitney U test was conducted to compare the levels of miRNAs in tumor samples (GBM n = 9; GII/III n = 6) and normal brain tissues (Ctrl n = 4). Mature miRNAs were normalized to volume and UniSp2 spike-in RNA for serum and to U6 snRNA for tissue miRNAs. Relative expression was calculated using the comparative ΔCT method. p-values (** = p ≤ 0,01) were determined using the Mann–Whitney rank sum test

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