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Fig. 5

From: TLE3 represses colorectal cancer proliferation by inhibiting MAPK and AKT signaling pathways

Fig. 5

TLE3 regulated p21 and p27 through the MAPK and AKT signaling pathways in CRC cells. a Western blot analyses of the expression of p-FOXO3a, total FOXO3a, phosphorylated GSK, total GSK, phosphorylated ERK, total ERK, phosphorylated AKT, total AKT, p21Cip1/WAF1 and p27Kip1 proteins in indicated human CRC cell lines. b SW620 cells with TLE3 knocking down were treated with the AKT inhibitor PF04691502 (10 μM), the ERK inhibitor GDC0994 (50 μM) or DMSO for 24 h, then harvested to examine the expression levels of the indicated proteins by western blot. c, d and e Proliferation ability of SW620 cells with TLE3 knocking down was determined by MTT assay (c), colony formation assay (d) and soft agar assay (e) after treatment with GDC0994, PF04691502 or DMSO. Error bars represent mean ± SD from 3 independent experiments. * p < 0.05

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