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Table 3 Enriched GO terms in G10 data sets (758 genes which are located with 10 mega from the HPV16 integration sites)

From: HPV16 integration probably contributes to cervical oncogenesis through interrupting tumor suppressor genes and inducing chromosome instability

GOterm Description P-value FDR q-value
GO:0010528 Regulation of transposition 1.37E-07 1.92E-03
GO:0002548 Monocyte chemotaxis 6.18E-07 2.88E-03
GO:0071346 Cellular response to interferon-gamma 1.47E-06 5.14E-03
GO:0034341 Response to interferon-gamma 4.00E-06 1.12E-02
GO:0070383 DNA cytosine deamination 1.47E-05 3.44E-02
  1. The ID, description, P-value and FDR q-value (adjusted P value) were shown in column 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively