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Table 1 The predictive value of PDXs for clinical outcome

From: Patient-derived xenografts: a relevant preclinical model for drug development

Tumour histotype Authors Modela Treatment/
molecular alterations
Corrispondence with patientsb
Breast cancer Marangoni et al. (ref. 8) PDOXs
5-Fluorouracil, Trastuzumab
Zhang et al. (ref. 19) PDOXs
Docetaxel, Doxorubicin, Trastuzumab + Lapatinib 10/10
Colorectal cancer Bertotti et al. (ref. 17) PDXs
Cetuximab, Panitumumab 85/85
Ovarian cancer Ricci et al. (ref. 9) PDXs
Cisplatin 9/11
Topp et al. (ref. 6) PDXs
Cisplatin 10/10
Small cell lung cancer Anderson et al. (ref. 23) PDXs
Cisplatin, Etoposide 7/8
Colorectal cancer Nunes et al. (ref. 7) PDXs
8/8 responded to Cetuximab
Bertotti et al. (ref. 17) PDXs
KRAS mutated (18/85) 18/18 not responded to Cetuximab
Non-small cell lung cancer Zhang et al. (ref.12) PDXs
EGFR mutated (1/10) 1/10 responded to Gefitinib
  1. aIn parentheses is reported the number of PDXs or PDOXs evaluated
  2. bMice were treated with the same protocol used for the patients and the response was compared