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Fig. 1

From: Involvement of aberrantly activated HOTAIR/EZH2/miR-193a feedback loop in progression of prostate cancer

Fig. 1

Inverse correlation between miR-193a expression and clinical features in prostate cancer. a Experimental scheme. b Expression profile of miR-193a in various subgroups of patients from MSKCC database dataset (GSE21032). c ROC analysis of MSKCC dataset showing that expression of miR-193a can be used to discriminate metastatic prostate cancer and primary prostate cancer. d miR-193a expression by stratifying TCGA dataset. e ROC analysis of MSKCC dataset showing the role of miR-193a in discriminating pT1–2 and pT3–4 prostate cancer. f Different expression of miR-193a by ISH staining in clinical prostate cancer specimens with different Gleason scores (n = 31). *P < 0.05

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